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Bob & Kurt's Sentry Waukesha

Bob & Kurt's Sentry has been serving the Waukesha community since 2001 and Sentry Foods has been serving the community for decades. Save everyday on over 2800 items throughout the store. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide selection of products with the highest quality and freshness available. You’ll find a full array of departments including fresh meat and produce, and a delicious bakery and deli. Committed to providing our customers with great value, we offer products you know and trust throughout our store.

Since we’re locally owned and operated, we have the best customer service around. Whatever you need, just ask and we’ll work to get it for you. We make shopping easy and convenient.

The Best of Fresh

Veggie Basket

Selection and Service

Visit our meat department to find Bob & Kurt's Homemade Sausage, fresh cuts of beef, pork and chicken. The produce department boasts a variety of fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables, all ripe and ready-to-eat! Our deli offers Bob & Kurt's Deli Meats, salads, homemade snacks, ready to bake pizzas, fresh rotisserie and fried chicken available every day. Our bakery features Bob & Kurt's Homemade Cookies, local bakeries Grebes, Oakhouse, Sciortino's, Miller Bakery, Angelic Bakehouse, Wild Flour, Elegant Farmer, Racine Kringle, and Gourmet Cheesecake Shop. Visit the liquor department for Bob & Kurt's Wine and the grocery department for Bob & Kurts Whole Bean Coffee.
In addition, we offer beautiful fruit platters and baskets, fresh-cut vegetable trays and bakery and deli platters year-round. Just place your order in advance by visiting our bakery or deli to speak with a department associate.

Make Our Private Brands Your Brands

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Affordable Quality Products

Our private brand products match the leading national brands in quality and image. Our private brands allow you to purchase quality products at meaningful saving compared to national brands. And you don’t have to sacrifice taste or quality to save money with our private brands. You’ll be purchasing quality products at meaningful savings compared to national brands.  Our array of brands and products satisfy the needs of the budget-conscious consumers.